Rising Stars

Calling all high-potential leaders and new managers. . . Welcome to Leadership!

Congratulations for distinguishing yourself as a promising leader and moving up the organizational ranks to lead others.  That is a huge accomplishment and opportunity!

Whether you are leading others for the first time or your role just increased from leading a few to leading many, you may reach a point where you start to feel overwhelmed. It’s the journey all leaders take as they grow in responsibility.

Once you start leading people you realize your role has become infinitely more complex.  You start to see how hard it is to motivate people, to keep them engaged, to get them to do what you need them to do.

Now your performance is dependent on how well your team does. You might be feeling a loss of control, as if it would be easier to just do everything yourself. But you can’t do it all, nor should you try.  You need to work through your team to be successful.

Many Rising Stars tend to get trapped in thinking: “if only my team was more motivated, more talented, or had better communication skills…”

But we say: look to yourself.  How well are you providing direction and inspiring others into action?  Are you delegating and holding your team members accountable effectively? How willing are you to engage in the tough conversations that drive results?

As a leadership consulting firm we understand the overwhelm, the trial-and-error, and the frustration that comes with rising leadership.  And we have the tools to help you.

This leadership masterclass includes:

Live webinars that walk you step-by-step through a powerful yet practical leadership program that will accelerate your performance and get all your questions answered.
Powerful tools you can download and use immediately to develop your team including interview guides, onboarding kits, reports on your leadership style and who to hire as a result, and guides to help you delegate more effectively and tackle tough conversations.
Smart tips for bringing out the best in your team while being the best “boss” they’ve ever worked with
Access to and collaboration with a community of other high-powered Rising Stars

You mastered your past roles—that’s why you’re on the path to leadership.

Now it’s time to learn the skills you need to get things done through other people.

Join us for 90 minutes once a week to focus on:

Leading Self

  1. Leadership Style Assessment & Development: What are the strengths of your personal leadership style?  What are the potential pitfalls and how can you mitigate them?
  1. Executive Presence: What is executive presence and why is it critical for your success How do you build the influence you need to accelerate your career growth?

Leading Others

  1. Delegation & Accountability:  How do you delegate so work gets done right and on time?  How do you hold people accountable for results?
  1. Inspiring & Coaching Others: How do you create meaning and give direction so people are motivated to do the work? How do you coach them to become better leaders and performers themselves?
  1. Dealing with Tough Conversations: How do you build relationships with those you are challenged by on your team?  How do you have the tough conversations to “reset” the relationship?

Leading Teams

  1. High Performance Collaboration: What does it take to build a high-performing team? How do you develop trust, accountability and collaboration for results across your team?

Optional Add-On Courses

  1. Hiring and Onboarding: How can you attract the best “A” players to your team?  How do you help them hit the ground running when they join?
  1. Performance Management & Firing with Grace: How do you encourage others to take initiative and improve their performance?  How can you gracefully fire someone who isn’t a fit for your team?

“I was thrust upon a huge leadership challenge to lead our quality team upon the departure of my boss, and I found my new position overwhelming.

This program helped me not only develop my own leadership skills so I could feel more confident in my role, but taught me how to coach and develop my team so they could up their performance as well. Now our group is seen as a model for others in the company and I couldn’t be more proud.

It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and my team.

Donna Stauffer
Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Tela Bio

The program has been an amazing resource. Meritage’s rich array of tools, techniques, approaches, and philosophies have yielded great dividends for both me and for my teams.

I first worked with them when my department was undergoing significant change. Later, as my career grew, Meritage was a huge help in preparing me for a transition to a new role at a new organization.

They helped build my leadership skills, support my teams, and find new ways for our company to better align.”

VP of Consumer Marketing, Viacom

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Ultimate Delegation Guide | Meritage Effective Leadership Consulting

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