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Meritage is a leadership consulting firm built on the principle that people are the most important asset of any business. We know that without high-performance leadership and aligned teams, no company can reach its full potential. Simply put:

Leadership is the cornerstone of success.

Our leadership consulting work goes far beyond skills-based training.

We help leaders develop the capacity and mindsets to lead in today’s disruptive business environment – and inspire their team members do the same.

Leadership consulting services

Meritage offers three distinct but complementary leadership consulting services to build strong teams and effective leaders. Each consulting and coaching program is customized for a specific level within your organization:

Meritage Leadership Consulting for Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Leadership development programs incorporate assessments, coaching, workshops, retreats and peer-to-peer collaboration, empowering leaders to create a world-class company culture.
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Meritage Leadership Consulting for Talented Teams

Talented Teams

Offsites, leadership culture assessments and workshops build high performance teams that can collaborate effectively to advance your company’s goals.
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Meritage Leadership Consulting for Talented Teams

Rising Stars

Webinars, online courses and coaching help give high-potential managers the tools they need to propel your company to success.
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“When I inherited a large, new team at Oracle, I brought in Meritage to establish the onboarding strategy. I was filling the large shoes of a former GM who was well respected—which can typically be a difficult situation!

Meritage drove success in our business by helping us learn our working styles through the Enneagram assessment process and by guiding us to develop strong models for understanding and collaboration. Our engagement with Meritage was an essential part of our turnaround strategy for the business.”

Rob Tarkoff

EVP & GM, Oracle Corporation

"Meritage has a unique ability to engage every member of our senior team on a leadership growth journey that far exceeded our expectations.

The tools, methodology, and insights have and will continue to drive significant changes in how we run our firm and engage the rest of our staff.

What made Susan and the team stand out was the trust they're able to create.

This is the gold standard of leadership programs.”

Divesh Makan

Managing Partner, ICONIQ Capital

Get a taste of what effective leadership can do

Ultimate Delegation Guide | Meritage Effective Leadership Consulting

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Selected Clients

A+E Networks
Iconiq Capital
Conde Nast
A+E Networks

“The Meritage team is intuitive and a quick study when it comes to reading a team and their dynamics. They have helped take a team I inherited that was full of dysfunction and pull them together into cohesive group.

Meritage not only provided me with individual coaching, but combined it with group work that my team found extremely helpful.”

J. Harper

SVP of Global Clinical Affairs & CTO, KCI Inc (now 3M)

“Meritage helped me to create strategies for staying focused amidst ever-shifting priorities and challenges.

With their help I was able to get a different perspective on my responsibilities, my team and my goals.

Meritage really helped me get my leadership and my team to a new level!”

Nick Rockwell

CTO, Conde Nast