Leadership Consulting Clients

Our clients know leadership development is crucial to their success

Meritage is a leadership consulting firm built on the principle that people are the most important asset of any business. We know that without high-performance leadership and aligned teams, no company can reach its full potential.

Our clients span healthcare, private equity, financial services, technology, media, retail and consumer goods industries.

We’ve worked with:

Large Fortune 100 organizations seeking to innovate and shift the leadership culture
Growth stage and mid-market companies ($10M-$700M) who are poised to scale rapidly with the right support
Start-ups and emerging businesses eager to develop the culture and systems that will ensure their success and longevity.

Selected Industries

Private Equity

Effective leadership is a sound investment.

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The Rx for leadership success

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Rapid innovaction depends on consistent leadership.

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“Their approach to establishing structures not only to get things done but to building an awareness of “what gets in the way” has stuck with me even years after our work together. Further, I felt they really honor the values of the people they work with; approaching all challenges with curiosity and creativity not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They were instrumental in guiding me through a career transition – I highly recommend Meritage!”

— NB.S. Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

“Meritage has been an exceptional advisor. As our group went through a major reorganization, the insights and tools they brought have transformed the way we work, and set us on the path to becoming a high performance organization.”

— Marc Speichert, Global Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oreal

Meritage Leadership Consulting Clients
Meritage Leadership Consulting Clients
Meritage Leadership Consulting Clients

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