Meritage Leadership Programs

Leadership consulting services

Meritage offers three distinct but complementary leadership consulting services to build strong teams and effective leaders. Each consulting and coaching program is customized for a specific level within your organization:

Meritage Leadership Consulting for Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Create a world-class company culture through leadership development of your senior leaders using advanced assessments, coaching, workshops, retreats and peer-to-peer collaboration.
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Meritage Leadership Consulting for Talented Teams

Talented Teams

Develop high performance teams through leadership offsites, culture assessments and workshops that achieve your company’s goals.
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Meritage Leadership Consulting for Talented Teams

Rising Stars

Empower your high-potential managers and team leaders through cutting-edge leadership development courses webinars, online courses and coaching.
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“Meritage has a unique ability to engage every member of our senior team on a leadership growth journey that far exceeded our expectations.

The tools, methodology, and insights have and will continue to drive significant changes in how we run our firm and engage the rest of our staff. What made Susan and the team stand out was the trust they’re able to create.

This is the gold standard of leadership programs.”

Divesh Makan

Managing Partner, ICONIQ Capital

“Leadership shortfalls are, and will continue to prove to be, the single greatest differentiator between high-performance and all other organizations.”

– Brandon Hall Group’s State of Leadership Development Study


Meritage Leadership

Managing Director Susan Drumm founded Meritage based on the concept that leadership should be a “blend” of authentic relationship-building skills and results-oriented expertise – and those should be “balanced” appropriately to fit the type of leadership required within the organization. The name Meritage is borrowed from the wine industry, as Meritage is a blend of specific noble Bordeaux grape varieties that are artfully balanced to create a superb vintage. We’re passionate about helping leaders become nimble and strategic so they can bring out the best in their team members while building an exceptional culture.

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