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Rapid Innovation Depends on Consistent Leadership

While agile development and lean start-up models are the rage for hyper-growth companies, another vital discussion has emerged: how do you build a culture based on inclusion and diversity as quickly and effectively as you build your products?

A recent survey of nearly 700 tech start-up CEOs found that although 81 percent wanted diverse leadership teams, 2/3rd of those surveyed had no idea how to build their dream teams.

By helping your team grow its leadership effectiveness as quickly as your technology, Meritage  leadership consulting helps high tech companies uncover a competitive advantage often lost in the race to be first: your people.  

How well you develop leaders–which means increasing the capability and capacity of those you lead– can become a key competitive advantage that is difficult for others to replicate.

The Meritage technology leadership consulting program combines assessments, coaching and peer-to-peer workshops to build a sustainable, powerful, leadership team–and business– around your great ideas.

Hear Adam Foroughi, CEO AppLovin on his experience with Meritage coaching and team alignment.

“Going public was a really stressful moment that completely altered my professional goals and impacted my personal life. I was skeptical of coaching but working with Susan and her team was a big net positive for me. Meritage has been immensely helpful in getting me to a much better place both mentally and physically.

I would recommend Susan to any entrepreneur or CEO who is in a very stressful situation, feels alone, or is going through career changes.

— Adam Foroughi, CEO AppLovin

“Meritage helped me flush out patterns of behavior that were creating anxiety, conflict, and friction.

For example, my coach helped identify how my entrepreneurial instincts were leading to compulsive thinking, stress, and mood swings that had negative impacts on those around me. Once I understood those behaviors, I could see them at work in a non-judgmental way, make changes on the fly, and achieve better outcomes both personally and professionally.

This allowed me to connect with others in a more meaningful way.

— Scott McDonald, Entrepreneur and Activist, Former SVP, Proxicom

“By working with Meritage, I was able to identify key priorities and enlist my senior leadership team in collaboratively pursuing them.

They are unique in their ability to combine applied behavioral psychology with high-level corporate strategy, orienting a management team around a problem, placing it into context and providing the tools to maintain team alignment through the ever-critical execution phase.

— David Shrier, CEO, HCPlexus, Inc.

“When I inherited a large, new team at Oracle, I brought in Meritage to establish the onboarding strategy. I was filling the large shoes of a former GM who was well respected—which can typically be a difficult situation!

Meritage drove success in our business by helping us learn our working styles through the Enneagram assessment process and by guiding us to develop strong models for understanding and collaboration.

Our engagement with Meritage was an essential part of our turnaround strategy for the business.”

— Rob Tarkoff, EVP & GM, Oracle

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