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Susan Drumm — Enneagram for Leaders

The Enneagram is your customized map to leadership effectiveness

Ever wonder why certain people get “under your skin” at work?

Or maybe you feel like you aren’t having the right conversations in team meetings?

More than likely, your team is composed of people with many different Enneagram types.

The Enneagram is a powerful model to help you understand your own leadership style and the style of those you work with for transforming the way you collaborate.

Understand the benefits of cognitive diversity on your leadership team.

Cognitively diverse teams bring a wider range of perspectives (or lenses) with which to view organizational challenges. It’s the opposite of “group think.”

But how do you build or leverage a cognitively diverse team?

Susan teaches you how habitual patterns and blind spots emerge—and why—as well as guides your team to harness their power of diverse leadership styles. As a result, you and your teams make better decisions and collaborate more effectively. Selected topics Susan covers include:

  • What the Enneagram is and how it applies to leadership and business.
  • Insights on how the Enneagram can help you better understand yourself and the motivations and working style of your colleagues.
  • Why this tool is far more powerful than traditional tools such as DISC and MBTI for leadership growth, and how it’s particularly impactful in unlocking team performance.
  • How the Enneagram diagram itself can serve as a powerful growth map by providing customized and meaningful paths of development for each personality type.
Susan Drumm | Meritage Leadership Coach

Susan Drumm, JD, MCC

Speaker, CEO & Chief Empowerment Officer, Meritage Leadership

“I have been a CEO advisor and leadership coach to some of the most influential Fortune 100 and Private Equity leaders over the past 20 years. My firm, Meritage Leadership, has been at the forefront of applying the Enneagram model to leadership development. The Enneagram has been a cornerstone of our approach to helping executives and senior teams shift to a higher level of performance.

I’m passionate about the Enneagram and its power to unlock leadership potential. I’ve been working with this robust tool for almost a decade, and it’s been transformative for teams and senior leaders alike. Its complexity and depth are far greater than other similar tools (such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, or StrengthsFinder), and it’s far more impactful with teams than other instruments.”


Unlike any of the other tools out there, the Enneagram specifically provides a map for your individualized growth path, as well as gets to core motivations—what drives you.  When you get to the level of motivation, the opportunity for leadership transformation is much greater.

We’ve developed Executive Enneagram Resources (—a “warehouse” of the best leadership tools and models we’ve created over the years applied by Enneagram type. This joint venture with Beatrice Chestnut, a global thought leader and author of two leading Enneagram books, was intended to make the Enneagram actionable as a powerful accelerator for emotional intelligence.

Want to know how to best give feedback to a Type 2, or how to inspire and coach a Type 7? The EER workbooks and reference guide Type Tools help you apply the insights of the Enneagram to help you better understand yourself and the motivations and working styles of your colleagues.

Meritage uses the Enneagram as a catalyst to drive real-world results, in areas such as:

How to give effective feedback to those of different types – Dos and Don’ts

How to build trust with those of different types

How to delegate to different types

How to resolve conflict based on Enneagram type

How to be more influential and persuasive based on your type

How to coach and inspire different types

How to have more productive meetings based on your Enneagram type

How to build your executive presence based on Enneagram type

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