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Discover How To Lead With Clarity and Confidence to Become An Enlightened Leader

The Enneagram Applied program, led by Susan Drumm, offers an online journey through four self-paced sessions, paired with a unique Enneagram Leadership Style Assessment and a comprehensive 20+ page report to deepen your leadership insights


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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, tomorrow’s leaders face unprecedented challenges. The complexities of modern leadership demand more than just strategic prowess; they require a deep self-awareness and understanding of one’s intrinsic strengths and challenges.

Without this insight, leaders risk miscommunication, decreased team cohesion, and ultimately, a faltering vision. Enter the Enneagram analysis: your indispensable tool for unlocking those critical insights.

By harnessing the power of the Enneagram, you’ll be uniquely positioned to navigate the intricacies of contemporary leadership, ensuring that you lead with clarity, empathy, and purpose.

Don’t just adapt to the future; shape it with profound

Empowerment Benefits for
Tomorrow's Leaders

Discover your unique "why" to boost team harmony and synergy.

Dive into your intrinsic motivations, ensuring not only that your actions align with your core values but also that you create a cohesive and synergistic environment for your team.

Overcome blind spots and fast-track your way to that next promotion.

By recognizing and addressing your unseen challenges, you’ll pave a clear path to accelerated career advancement and fulfill your professional potential.

Navigate workplace conflicts with ease and deepen your professional relationships.

Arm yourself with the insights to understand differing viewpoints, allowing for smoother interactions, and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

Move beyond old habits and be proactive when faced with challenges.

Cultivating self-awareness is the key to breaking free from limiting patterns; as you grow in understanding, you’ll become more adept at addressing challenges head-on, rather than being held back by them.

Harness your team's varied strengths to achieve standout results.

Every member of your team brings a unique set of strengths; by recognizing and leveraging these, you can inspire and guide your team to exceptional performance.

Terri Foulks, Chief Human Resources Officer, Make-A-Wish National

“As a result of our work with Meritage, I feel that I am able to engage with all members of the senior management team in authentic conversations, and there has been a significant turnaround in my job satisfaction. Changes I have made in how I deal with conflict, identifying issues early, and taking responsibility for my mindset, have been noticed by my colleagues and have impacted the team in a positive way. Our work with Meritage pushed me to recognize the critical behaviors that influenced my interactions and prevented me from contributing as effectively as I wanted. Overall, the process has had a profound impact on me, both professionally and personally.”

D.M. Chief Science Officer, Biotech Corporation

“Meritage has a remarkable ability to identify and cull out a kernel of truth in a particular situation, to shed new light on it, and change the way I think about it. The result is an entirely refreshed approach to evaluating choices, opportunities and next steps in light of the value and challenges that make me want to pour my heart and soul into my personal and professional endeavors.”

Cynthia D. In-house Counsel at Cadbury

“By describing the major drivers of my behavior, the Meritage leadership style assessment went beyond telling me ‘what’ I am (as past assessments have) to telling me ‘why.’ Now I understand the reasons I react to certain people, behaviors and situations and can better shape my responses to achieve my goals. Meritage provided important tools that help me provide better leadership in the boardroom, within my law firm and to more successfully navigate personal relationships, as well.”

Frank P. Partner and Chair of Corporate Finance & Governance Practice, Squire Sanders Law Firm

“When inherited a large, new team at Oracle, I brought in Meritage to establish the onboarding strategy. I was filling the large shoes of a former GM who was well respected-which can typically be a difficult situation! Meritage drove success in our business by helping us learn our working styles through the Enneagram assessment process and by guiding us to develop strong models for understanding and collaboration. Our engagement with Meritage was an essential part of our turnaround strategy for the business.”

Rob T. EVP & GM, Oracle

“Meritage helped me to create strategies for staying focused amidst ever-shifting priorities and challenges. With their help I was able to get a different perspective on my responsibilities, my team and my goals. Meritage really helped me get my leadership and my team to a new level!”

Nick R. CTO, Conde Nast

The Enneagram Applied program, led by Susan Drumm, offers an online journey through four self-paced sessions, paired with a unique Enneagram Leadership Style Assessment and a comprehensive 20+ page report to deepen your leadership insights

Session 1

Exploring Your Leadership Style

Dive into the Enneagram's self-development model, understand its metrics, and learn the best approach for taking the assessment. You’ll get access a unique Enneagram Leadership Style assessment link, pinpointing your leadership and communication traits. After completion, a comprehensive 20+ page report will be provided, offering valuable business-related insights and growth areas tailored for you.

Session 2

Enneagram Insights

Post-assessment, you’ll receive a type-specific video debrief highlighting key findings from your report. Deepen your understanding of your leadership style, recognizing strengths, challenges, and vital blind spots. The session emphasizes your unique development journey and offers a worksheet to help set and track your personal growth objectives.

Session 3

Community Confirmation

Learn to conduct a personalized mini-360 review, leveraging feedback from those who know you best. This session equips you with the tools to understand the impact of your Enneagram type on your relationships. By using our structured questions and guidance, you'll gain deeper insights into your strengths, challenges, and overlooked areas, making this a pivotal step in your Enneagram journey.

Session 4

Development Action Plan

The actionable heart of the program. Utilizing insights from the previous sessions, this step guides you in setting a concrete development goal and crafting a strategic action plan. With the included Development Action Plan worksheet, you'll outline actionable steps, applying the Enneagram for optimal personal and professional growth.

What you get with

The Enneagram Applied Program

  • Access to 4 in-depth learning modules to be completed at your own pace
  • Enneagram Leadership Style Assessment Test
  • ️20+ page personalized report
  • Detailed Enneagram type-specific explainer video
  • Development Action Plan Worksheet
  • A powerful guide to conducting your Mini 360 Review complete with questions.


Susan Drumm

A USA Today Bestselling Author and Host of The Enlightened Executive podcast, Susan Drumm is a highly sought after speaker for conferences and events around the world and has consulted some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Susan coaches billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 100 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs. Now she’s sharing these secrets that were previously only available to big budget brands with you on your journey to build deeper connections with your team.

Susan has developed and battle tested the Enneagram process for over a decade. Susan is committed to helping great leaders win the war for talent while unlocking new levels of growth.