A while back I wrote a post called “Leadership Development. . . for a Start up?.” After I clicked ‘published’ I received email after email and comment after comment from people agreeing that (counterintuitive as it might seem) it’s critical that entrepreneurs focus on growing their leadership capabilities.

Many start-ups focus on getting their business model right but feel too cash-strapped to worry about leadership development at such an early stage. I can hear the cries of dissent from here “How will leadership help me when I’m just trying to rent an office space?!”

But leadership skills will make or break you. Ask many of the successful start-up CEOs and VCs and they will tell you how critical these skills are.


This got me thinking.

What if I could tailor Meritage’s leadership tools and strategies to small businesses and entrepreneurs?

How could I provide an online resource for entrepreneurs who know the value of investing in themselves as leaders?


Helping entrepreneurs develop the capability to grow their team is a concept that I feel so passionately about I’ve created a new online space specifically designed to help you grow and lead your way to bigger success, more free time, and a team you love.


That online space is SusanDrumm.com: Leadership for Entrepreneurs.

There you’ll find resources to help your small business grow, helpful blog posts, tools to hire the perfect team, and a method that will solidify and improve your professional relationships.

You may have the marketing strategy, a roster of impressive clients and customers, and a recognizable brand.

What you don’t have is a lot of free time or a clever, supportive team who can take some of the day-to-day details off your plate. You know you need help but you’re not sure where to start, who to hire, or how to manage them.

If this sounds familiar, SusanDrumm.com is your new favorite resource.

If you are a small business, check out my free ebook that will help you hire the virtual or executive assistant that will change your business. Visit us here, to get on the SusanDrumm.com list to receive helpful tips and ideas. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for even more resources and a direct link to us at all times.

I’ll still be writing here and consulting with corporations through Meritage Leadership, but I feel so strongly about this I didn’t want to limit these insights to in-person, Fortune 500 clients and well-funded start ups. Everyone – small businesses, fledgling entrepreneurs, three-person agencies – can benefit from learning to lead. In fact, if you know anyone who could use these insights, please point them in my direction!


Leadership is the secret ingredient to success. Start now. Lead the way.