Managing Director of Meritage Leadership Development

People sometimes ask me what my coaching “philosophy” is. Usually I say I work with executives to understand and shift the mindset (beliefs and assumptions) they are operating from to produce the results they want to achieve.

At a deeper level, I’ve come to understand that what I really do is help people experience more connection, or FLOW, in their work, which also spills over into their personal lives. By connection, I mean connecting to themselves through their own intuition, to others they work and live with, and to a collective consciousness (God, Source, Universe — whatever you may call it). It is through this connection true inspiration and joy occurs. I help them see when they are disconnecting (to themselves and others). . . because in the state of disconnection, confusion and pain are the result, for themselves and others.

When I first noticed myself in the “Flow” state, it was during my coaching sessions. I was so focused on helping my client, listening intently to what they were saying, I almost wasn’t aware of what was coming out of my mouth in response. I guess what I had to say was fairly profound, because I saw them scrambling to write down my words, or saw a shift in the light in their eyes of understanding. Sometimes they would ask me to repeat it, and I would try as best as I could but the first time I said it, it was pure. It was truth. It flowed from me out of connection – to myself, to them, and to collective consciousness. Trying to repeat it, I didn’t quite hit the mark. I started to call it my “downloading” — as though I was downloading a program that had wisdom in it far and above what I had personally.

Every time I think of my downloading, I think of Will Ferrell in the movie “Old School.” His “fraternity” was thrust into a debate team competition, and he was asked a very challenging question in which he looked like he had no clue what to say. But as he opened his mouth, he articulated a perfect, highly detailed and factual answer, and looked astounded in himself with what came out of this mouth. Honestly, I have the similar experience every time I coach. People ask me, “How can you coach CEOs if you have never been a CEO?” What I know is that I’m in the flow. . .and when in the flow, magic happens.

Think of a time when you were most “in the flow” – highly present, highly engaged, and what you were doing had a sense of effortlessness. Where were you? What was happening? Who were you with? Or were you alone?

It is that space of connection, or flow, I want my clients to achieve and access consciously. Not only will they have a greater sense of peace and joy in whatever it is they are doing, but also what they produce will be far greater and the impact on others will be more profound when operating from this state.

Notice this week: When are you in a state of flow? Who or what is around you? Are you able to access it “at will” or does it just “happen”? I’d love to hear from you.