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Leadership drives business outcomes—now more than ever.

Today’s senior leaders face disruption and challenges that were unfathomable just 5 short years ago. Our current business environment is complex and constantly changing, and organizations must evolve to keep pace. This responsibility falls primarily on the leaders, who must help their teams become more efficient, more effective and prepared to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

Our Effective Leader Program (ELP) is designed to build the capacity and competency required to deal with this escalating rate of change. This is not your typical ”training” program, most of which are not built for the current environment. It is advanced, designed for senior executives and organizations that want to scale effectively.

This leadership consulting program offers two complementary paths to help you seize the competitive advantage of extraordinary leadership:

Leadership Style Assessment Development

Leadership System

A customizable, comprehensive leadership consulting program that uncovers the mindsets and assumptions that fuel performance—and those that get in the way of results. This transformational coaching and consulting program utilizes a powerful model of leadership effectiveness, giving leaders the tools they need to harness the full potential of their staff and confidently steer their organizations into the future.

Participants learn how to move away from reactive and potentially damaging behaviors and towards creative leadership, freeing up resources, time, money and energy. Designed for cohorts of 4 – 10 senior leaders at a time.

comprehensive leadership consulting program

Leadership Style Assessment & Development

There are 9 different leadership styles and each has its own gifts and blind spots. When you understand your natural style, you can make the most of your strengths and overcome leadership weaknesses. And when you understand the styles of others, you can speak to them in a language they can hear, rather than getting caught up in what seems like perplexing behavior.

The consulting program includes detailed assessments, coaching sessions with a leadership coach and group workshops to help your team communicate and resolve conflict effectively.

“By describing the major drivers of my behavior, the Meritage leadership style assessment went beyond telling me ‘what’ I am (as past assessments have) to telling me ‘why.’ Now I understand the reasons I react to certain people, behaviors and situations and can better shape my responses to achieve my goals. Meritage provided important tools that help me provide better leadership in the boardroom, within my law firm and to more successfully navigate personal relationships, as well.”

Frank Placenti
Partner and Chair of Corporate Finance & Governance Practice, Squire Sanders Law Firm

“As a result of our work with Meritage, I feel that I am able to engage with all members of the senior management team in authentic conversations, and there has been a significant turnaround in my job satisfaction. Changes I have made in how I deal with conflict, identifying issues early, and taking responsibility for my mindset, have been noticed by my colleagues and have impacted the team in a positive way. Our work with Meritage pushed me to recognize the critical behaviors that influenced my interactions and prevented me from contributing as effectively as I wanted. Overall, the process has had a profound impact on me, both professionally and personally.”

Chief Science Officer, Biotech Corporation

“Meritage has a remarkable ability to identify and cull out a kernel of truth in a particular situation, to shed new light on it, and change the way I think about it. The result is an entirely refreshed approach to evaluating choices, opportunities and next steps in light of the value and challenges that make me want to pour my heart and soul into my personal and professional endeavors.”

Cynthia Dow
In-house Counsel at Cadbury

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