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Build a high-performance team to get results.

Most organizations are run by a set of independent leaders who report on the status of their divisions and compete for resources and CEO attention.

But the culture of your senior team drives the culture of your organization. A fragmented team will always limit success.

Our leadership consulting and coaching will transform your team of leaders into a cohesive leadership team. We’ll bring your senior leaders together to identify gaps in leadership and generate alignment on vision, talent development and innovation while building more meaningful relationships that “grease the wheel.”

That means more effective and efficient decision-making and an organizational culture that fuels growth.

We customize our leadership consulting programs based on your needs – and recommend two types of consulting programs that build high performance teams:

Talent Team Leadership Development and Consulting | Mertigage Leadership

Leadership Style Diversity

You hired your staff because you knew their skills would complement your team.  You know their functional competency, but do you understand how their leadership style will impact your broader effectiveness as a team?

If neither you nor your team members understand each other’s communication and leadership styles, how can you collaborate effectively to produce the winning results of a championship sports team?

When you know your team members’ strengths and areas for growth, you can stop judging others because they’re different from you and start leveraging the gifts they bring.

Understanding what motivates people unlocks the key to growth and performance.

Our leadership consulting program for teams includes assessments, leadership coaching sessions, and group workshops to help teams communicate and resolve conflict effectively.

Talent Team Leadership Development and Consulting | Mertigage Leadership

Team Diagnostic & Culture Development

Research shows the most successful teams have the means to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain it. The Team DiagnosticTMis built on these two fundamental axes:

Factors that drive Productivity
Factors that drive Positivity

Teams that excel at both dimensions are high performing and sustainable. They are creative, adaptable and resilient.

We assess your team’s performance, and work with them to improve Productivity measures (such as Decision Making, Alignment, Accountability) and Positivity measures (such as Communication, Trust, Respect).

Over a series of half-day engagements, your team will strengthen its ability to collaborate, communicate effectively, and inspire the broader organization into action.

“Our team was just establishing our roles and responsibilities in the beginning of a major change management project. We had a lot of work to do and clients who weren’t yet confident in our abilities early in the process.

Meritage led a one-day session for us that allowed us to approach our challenges, roles and our clients with the right mindset! They made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in better communication tools and trust across the team which allowed us to focus on delivering outstanding results.”

Sumita Banerjee
SVP, Talent Acquisition, L’Oreal

When we need an expert hand in understanding the underlying drivers of team dynamics, we turn to Meritage.

In our work with Cisco, one team needed to be far more influential with other groups, but their style was stalling meeting and communication effectiveness.

Meritage helped our clients uncover their roadblocks and, by working through them, they became more effective. Meritage’s unique insight and expertise helped unlock the team’s real potential!”

Renee Cullinan
CEO, Stop Meeting Like This

“As a CEO, I felt an incredible burden on my shoulders to ‘carry’ my team and I took on way too much. I was walking away from most meetings with a longer list of action items and projects than most of my team. I didn’t realize my job was leadership, vision and strategic relationships.

The Meritage offsite was transformational.

I knew for the first time my team believed in me — and through that I found my way to empower and encourage while creating structure and a culture of execution and accountability. We became exceedingly more efficient and effective, our performance went through the roof and profitability skyrocketed.

I believe any organization would realize tremendous results through working with Meritage.”

Matt Hudson
CEO, Colorado Home Realty

“I was frustrated by the lack of trust I felt from my partner, and the resulting micro-managing that was stalling our progress.

Meritage counsel was brilliant: they have a special skill to heal broken partnerships by having us understand each other deeper way.

We were able to shift our interaction, and create new agreements for how to work together, which resulted 2x the speed of execution going forward.”

D. Roberts
SVP Operations, Medical Device Company

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