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Enlightened Leadership Summit

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I’m thrilled you’re here about our upcoming The Enlightened Executive podcast & channel.


Now, more than ever, CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs are hungry for ground-breaking techniques and strategies to get the edge and enhance their personal and leadership effectiveness. Some might call these growth tools “cutting edge” and others may be skeptical of “woo-woo”— but either way there is an intense curiosity for outside-the-box personal growth programs that help you be both a better human and a better leader.

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Mark your calendar!

The Enlightened Leadership Summit will run on
Wednesday, March 17, 2021: 3–5pm Pacific, 6–8pm Eastern



Pre-Launch Registration: Monday, March 15 – Wednesday, March 17
Live Launch Event: Wednesday, March 17
Post-Launch Dates: Thursday, March 18 – Monday, March 22

What Is The Enlightened Executive Really?

Where your personal evolution sparks your leadership (r)evolution.


In The Enlightened Executive, we will spotlight the latest trends – whether they be programs like Dare to Lead, apps like Inner Balance, Ayahuasca meditation retreats, or tech such as Whoop or Oura — and dig into what they are, what they offer, and whether they actually work to help you evolve personally and professionally.

Featured Enlightenment

  • The Skill Every Leader Needs: Focus – Dandapani
  • The Ultimate Guide to Using the Enneagram in Business – Beatrice Chestnut
  • How to Adapt to Change – Erin Snyder
  • Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence – Alison Whitmire
  • Three Keys to Face Reading in Business – Eric Standop
  • Dealing with Anxiety Through Havening – Stephen Travers
  • How to Win at Work in the Age of AI – David Shrier
  • Empowering Creativity vs. Reactivity – Bill Adams
  • The Power of the Heart in Leadership – Rollin McCraty

and more!  🙂