Leadership Keynote Speaker Susan Drumm

As a communication, strategy and leadership keynote speaker, Susan Drumm is a highly sought- after facilitator for Fortune 100 companies and leadership conferences. Susan spent over a decade advising CEOs and their teams to harness the power of leadership to launch their teams towards multi-million dollar growth. She also uses those same leadership principles to help entrepreneurs and growth–stage companies build their teams and accelerate their businesses.

Susan attributes her success and stage presence as a keynote speaker to her career as an actress in film and TV but draws on her degree from Harvard Law School and strategy consulting at The Boston Consulting Group to deliver intelligent messages with profound insights. Susan has facilitated and delivered keynotes at organizations such as Cisco, U-Haul, Viacom, KPMG, Microsoft, and L’Oréal.

Sample Topics Include…

Hire with Wisdom

The ability to hire a rock star team is one of the most critical skills you need to have as a business owner or leader. Hire one bad apple and it costs you at least a day a week of your time in lost productivity managing that person, and sets you back over 2 months to find and train a replacement. Susan will share with you: strategies to build your team right the first time and skip the messy break-ups, 3 hiring mistakes that keep your business stuck, 5 critical steps not to skip during your hiring process, and 4 things you must do to protect yourself and your company from liability when hiring.


As an entrepreneur or business leader, chances are you’ve struggled with delegation. Maybe you’re having a hard time letting go? Or you think you can do things faster if you do them all yourself? Susan will teach you how to delegate effectively so that you can focus on the things only YOU can do! She will share with you how to create the right mindset, 3 ways to give your delegates structure, the 3 must-do actions to take with a new hire, and the critical 4 steps to take when delegating. Overwhelm can crush you. Productivity eludes you. Stop the madness and regain control by learning to master the art of delegation. Start delegating faster, easier, and better today.

What’s your SECRET SAUCE?

What’s your “secret sauce?” Clarify this, and a whole list of things fall into place, from career path to leadership purpose. It’s your personal competitive advantage. It’s the skill or talent that is difficult for others to replicate. It’s more than a strength – it’s your personal stamp on how you do what you do. Most business owners or leaders don’t know how to express or leverage their secret sauce. In this hands-on session, Susan will guide you through a process to identify these traits and devise a plan to bring them into everything you do. Get clear on your own personal competitive advantage and start sharing it with clients, customers and colleagues to accelerate your career growth.


What’s the number one regret business owners and leaders have in managing their teams? Not firing or dealing with a poor performer sooner! No one likes having tough conversations, but you must develop your skill to engage and communicate effectively in these situations to be able to grow your business. Susan will share with you strategies to evaluate if you need to let someone go, and common mistakes not to make. In this keynote you’ll learn: 3 things to try to salvage the relationship, 7 steps to take prior to firing, and the secret to firing with grace.


“Susan’s keynote on effective communication was the highlight of our Retreat”

Kristine Campbell


“By blending a background in acting with top-tier business expertise, Susan engages an audience like few others can.”

Kaihan Krippendorf


“Susan led a session for us that allowed us to approach our challenges, roles and our clients with the right mindset! She made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in better communication tools and trust across the team.”

— Sumita Banjeree


“She delivers practical content in a way you remember and want to put into action.”

Christina Whittle

Dolce Designs Studio

“Susan’s enthusiastic style, coupled with her expertise in leadership, creates a thought provoking and impactful experience.

Tara Collison


“Susan’s expertise with individual and team dynamics was extremely helpful in getting our teams to work together more effectively”

Bria Wing


“Her Secret Sauce presentation at Ellevate Phoenix was one of the most talked about events of the year. Attendees commented on how valuable it was over a year later!”

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta

The Breakaway Team