How Your Nutrition and Fitness Affect You as a Leader (feat. Lisa Holmes)

May 26, 2021

Have you ever considered how your nutrition and exercise habits impact your abilities as a leader?


Just as you schedule meetings to speak with members of your team, it is imperative to schedule meetings for your well-being.


This week’s guest Lisa Holmes — Chief Business Strategist for Strategic Performance of Los Angeles, Executive Coach and Author with more than 30 years of HR experience — discusses how leaders can improve their wellness. Many leaders are extremely organized and plan each aspect of their day, but don’t consider planning time to devote to their health.


You have probably heard that “you are what you eat,” but many leaders do not prioritize their nutrition. Busy schedules don’t leave time to cook nutritious meals and sometimes you don’t have access to healthy foods while traveling.


However, in order to become the best version of yourself, you must put yourself first. 


In 2019, Lisa lost 96 lb and decided to take audiences along her health and wellness journey. She launched the go-site, Honey + Company, that introduces artisan and fair trade products across every consumer category. Plus every week, she engages viewers on her cooking show, Be Well + Live Well with Lisa, on Roku TV and the Taste On TV channel.

In this episode of The Enlightened Executive, Lisa and Susan discuss…

🔸 The importance of aligning with an accountability partner

🔸 How to bring up wellness topics in a team setting to inspire your employees

🔸 Utilizing additional resources if you are not seeing results


To hear more about how to improve your physical and mental well-being to be your best, and how releasing trapped emotions can transform your health and leadership, tune into this interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson on The Enlightened Executive.

Susan Drumm, executive podcast host
Susan is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and senior executives to achieve their potential.

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