Susan Drumm speaking
Susan Drumm, JD, MCC
CEO & Chief Empowerment Officer, Meritage Leadership

Keynote Speaker, Susan Drumm

As a communication, strategy and leadership keynote speaker, Susan Drumm is a highly sought-after facilitator for Fortune 100 companies and leadership conferences.

She has spent over a decade advising CEOs and their teams to harness the power of leadership to launch their teams towards exponential growth.

Susan attributes her success and stage presence as a keynote speaker to her career as an actress in film and TV but draws on her degree from Harvard Law School and strategy consulting at The Boston Consulting Group to deliver intelligent messages with profound insights.

Susan has facilitated and delivered keynotes at organizations such as KPMG, U-Haul, Cisco, Viacom, Microsoft and L’Oréal.

Susan is the USA Today Bestselling Author of The Leaders’ Playlist

Unleash the Power of Music and Neuroscience to Transform Your Leadership and Your Life!

Selected keynote topics include…

The Leader's Playlist by Susan Drumm

The Leader’s Playlist:

We all have a playlist running in the background of our lives that acts as a ceiling on our leadership effectiveness.

You may feel you can’t retain or engage your people. You may feel burned out, or your team may be overwhelmed by the pace of change. You may feel that you can’t delegate or trust your team to deliver. The impact of the pandemic has been so far reaching that every leader has struggled in some way in the face of massive disruption.

In this keynote, Susan will share a process to uncover the program impacting your leadership, explain how music can interrupt this program, and then share how to leverage music to help you be a better leader.

Enneagram Applied:

Ever wonder why certain people get “under your skin” at work, while others are a dream to work with?  Feel like you aren’t having the right conversations in senior team meetings? 

Susan has been at the forefront of applying the model of the Enneagram to leadership in business to help executives get clarity on these questions and shift to a higher level of performance.  She’ll share why this tool is far more powerful than traditional tools such as DISC and MBTI for leadership growth—and how it’s particularly impactful for you in unlocking team performance.


What’s the #1 trait leaders need during this time of change and uncertainty?  Resilience.  Resilience has become a hot topic for leaders, and as a certified HeartMath trainer, what Susan offers is quite unexpected.  She shares research that those leaders who operate with greater coherence/resilience are able to access the highest functioning parts of the brain—enabling them to think clearly under pressure and create more innovative solutions to problems. 

Susan will share proven techniques help you develop the capacity to prepare, recover, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, change, or adversity. 


With the COVID-19 crisis and its implications for remote working, it’s more important than ever for leaders to create engagement with teams geographically dispersed.  But you can’t run your virtual meeting the way you would run a traditional meeting, and employees are getting frustrated with leaders who haven’t shifted their approach. 

Susan shares 3 key shifts that every leader needs to pay attention to when leading remotely and practical actions you can take to increase engagement in today’s environment.


“Susan’s keynote on effective communication was the highlight of our Retreat”

Kristine Campbell


“By blending a background in acting with top-tier business expertise, Susan engages an audience like few others can.”

Kaihan Krippendorf


“Susan led a session for us that allowed us to approach our challenges, roles and our clients with the right mindset! She made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in better communication tools and trust across the team.”

— Sumita Banjeree


“She delivers practical content in a way you remember and want to put into action.”

Christina Whittle

Dolce Designs Studio

“Susan’s enthusiastic style, coupled with her expertise in leadership, creates a thought provoking and impactful experience.

Tara Collison


“Susan’s expertise with individual and team dynamics was extremely helpful in getting our teams to work together more effectively”

Bria Wing


“Her Secret Sauce presentation at Ellevate Phoenix was one of the most talked about events of the year. Attendees commented on how valuable it was over a year later!”

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta

The Breakaway Team